January 23, 2020

Apple Cider Vinegar Benefits

By Ema Herrera

There are several different benefits that can come from using apple cider vinegar. Some are home remedies, some are reliable, well-known benefits that apple cider vinegar can bring about.

My Doctor gave me a rundown of apple cider vinegar benefits, and how it can potentially help deal with, and prevent many health issues. At times I wonder how something so powerful is often overlooked by millions of people. Check out a few benefits below.

Top Apple Cider Vinegar Benefits

Sore-Throat Relief

The use of apple cider vinegar is commonly known for helping with sore throats. The mixture of that along with a little bit of honey has been said to work wonders for people.

The apple cider vinegar is excellent for ridding of germs, and the honey helps to soothe your throat. I personally have yet to try it, but many friends of mine talk about how effective it truly is. Give it a try next time your throat hurts, and let me know if it works well for you.

Headache Relief

This is another big thing. During my 3 Month Apple Cider Vinegar Diet I often had a lack of sleep, was rushed off to work, and woke up in the mornings with headaches. After drinking apple cider vinegar, my headaches would go away.


Placing apple cider vinegar on warts is said to help rid of them completely. Simply place some on a cotton ball, and wrap it around the region where the wart is. You can leave it wrapped with a band-aid overnight, and do this for a few nights.

Diabetes Benefits

Many studies have been done regarding the link between apple cider vinegar benefits and diabetes. Studies have shown that apple cider vinegar normally reduces blood sugar levels after meals. It is said that the enzymes in the vinegar are a key factor as to why this is. This is excellent for people dealing with diabetes.

Bone Health

The minerals help sustain healthy bone mass and help ward off such ailments as osteoporosis. Such minerals are calcium, silicon, manganese, etc. Had my doctor not mentioned this to me, I would never have guessed this.

Blood Pressure

This is great for people dealing with high blood pressure. The potassium is key to assisting with sodium levels in our system, in turn lowering blood pressure.

Helps Prevent Cancer

Apple cider vinegar benefits seem to be endless. Another important benefit is from the antioxidants that the vinegar contains, along with other minerals. This is found in apples as well.

It is suggested to continue the 1-2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar before each meal… and eating an occasional apple wouldn’t hurt as well. Studies are said to have shown the correlation between the enzymes and nutrients in the apple cider vinegar and the prevention of certain types of cancer. Further research and studies are currently underway regarding this.

Apple Cider Vinegar Benefits Recap

Garcinia Cambogia And Apple Cider Vinegar

The list of benefits one can gain from apple cider vinegar just goes on and on. Other apple cider vinegar benefits (home remedies) vary greatly. It helps with other things like diarrhea, bloody noses, burns, cholesterol, asthma, coughs, acid reflux, the common cold, hiccups, ulcers, body odor, sinusitis, and more.

This particularly comes from the enzymes and minerals it contains. What is truly astonishing is that so many people have absolutely no clue about the powers of this vinegar. It is important for people to have awareness of apple cider vinegar benefits… it has helped so many people, and there is no reason it can’t be of benefit to you.

The very basic benefits you can gain from consuming apple cider vinegar are very well reason enough to give it some serious consideration. It is definitely worth looking into, and if you have questions, it’s a great idea to pass them on to a medical professional to get their opinion as well. The power of apple cider vinegar benefits are truly remarkable.

Apple Cider Vinegar Benefits – A List Of Home Remedies:

Eczema – The dryness and itching from eczema can be painful.  Apply a 1/2 mixture of apple cider vinegar, and the other 1/2 is water.  Place the mixture on the affected areas.

Hemorrhoids – For mild cases of hemorrhoids, apply apple cider vinegar on a Q-tip, or cotton ball, and directly on the affected area.  You can apply this throughout the day, while this should reduce your burning / stinging sensations, and facilitate in shrinking the hemorrhoids.

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Varicose Veins – There is a doctor that swears by this remedy.  Apply apple cider vinegar (undiluted) to the varicose veins twice a day.  Additionally, be sure to drink apple cider vinegar as a part of your daily regimen.  About 2 teaspoons in a glass of water, at least twice a day.  It is said you will see a difference in a matter of weeks.

Age Spots – This one is pretty cool.  I heard about this mixture of apple cider vinegar (about 2 teaspoons) along with a few drops of onion juice.  Apply this to where the age spots are, and you will see a reduction in a short time.  I personally haven’t tried it, but have heard good results from this.  The key is to be sure and apply it daily.

Digestion – I loved this one.  Ever feel bloated or full? Many of us have digestion problems due to a lack of fiber, and other things as well.  If you drink ACV with water, as suggested throughout this site, you will definitely notice a difference within days. I used to always have a full feeling that never seemed to go away.  Upon drinking the ACV mixture, I felt better within days.  Awesome.  I drink it daily.

Common Cold – This one I will vouch for.  At the first sign of the sniffles, a sore throat, a cough, I immediately go for my apple cider vinegar mix with water, along with a bit of honey.  I don’t need a doctor to tell me the benefits of this, but I promise you, I have done this several times now, and instead of a full blown cold, my symptoms shortly disappear shortly thereafter.  Again, the power of the vinegar that kills off germs, fungus, etc. should not be taken lightly.  It is one of natures best cure in my opinion.

Acne – Another great benefit.  Mix 2 teaspoons of ACV in an 8 ounce glass of water.  Just apply this mix to the affected area throughout the course of the day.  You should see results in a short matter of time.  The ACV will dry out the area where the acne is, reducing inflammation and facilitating in ridding of acne.  This is kind of like the toothpaste theory, but ACV is much more powerful in my opinion.

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Apple Cider Vinegar Benefits Are Endless: 

It seems now days everything is a medical condition, or requires tons of different medication for various things.  Although some medications are a necessity, there are natural and preventative methods we should take that will greatly enhance our overall health and well-being.

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