Category: Teeth & Mouth

March 20, 2020

Enjoy a Beautiful Smile with Regular Dental Visits

For many reasons, a large portion of adults do not visit their dentists regularly. This can be due to finances, fear, or simply not having the room in their schedules for visits. To protect your mouth from harmful infections, tooth decay, and painful gum disease, you must visit your dentist frequently. To most dentists, the word “frequently” means at least once or twice per year. […]

March 18, 2020

Can You Use Coconut Oil to Whiten Teeth?

Today, more and more people are drawn toward using coconut oil to whiten teeth. The practice has gained traction thanks to green-living movement, in which people look for alternatives for conventional stuff they use on regular basis, from medications to personal hygiene. Using coconut oil or other types of edible oil (in addition to coconut, sesame and sunflower oil have also been observed to be […]

February 23, 2020

7 Types of Diseases Associated with Oral Health Problems

There are some diseases whose symptoms started with problems in the mouth. When the mouth has health problems that do not heal, perhaps it is a form of symptom and not merely a trigger from the oral cavity itself. But also need to watch out, there are some diseases that originally started with disorders from the mouth. For example, cavities are left untreated, can become […]